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If you were looking to make a reservation, visit our reservations page for more information or feel free to call us on the phone during our normal business hours.


In order to ensure all reservations and guests on our waitlist and reservation list have the opportunity to dine at our establishment, we have a 2.5-hour time limit for all diners. We also have a 10-minute grace period on all reservations. In addition, we include an 18% automatic gratuity on all parties of 8 or more. We appreciate your understanding.

Gluten Allergy Information

Our homemade rice, beans, & chips are naturally gluten-free since they do not contain any allergy-causing ingredients, however, we do use oil to prepare our rice, beans, & chips, which may lead to cross-contamination. Depending on the time of day we made the rice, beans, or chips, it is possible that the oil used in the preparation process may have come in to contact with other food items containing gluten-allergy causing ingredients that were cooked in the same oil. We recommend substituting your rice or beans for lettuce, vegetables, or pinto beans (also known as frijoles de la olla in Spanish) at no additional charge! We do not currently have a gluten-free menu, but plan to provide some options in the future.

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